AffiliateWP – Crypto (By ClickStudio)

AffiliateWP – Crypto (By ClickStudio)


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Product Version: 1.0.11

Last Updated: 01.07.2020


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We all know about the fast evolving of online payments world. And the question “What are taking over as the internet’s native currencies?” is very easy to answer, Cryptocurrencies!

By using Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum (+ tokens), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and others without the need to use a payment gateway such as PayPal, AffiliateWP can now pay their affiliates directly.


About Crypto

Admin Area

Add multiple currencies and any Ethereum token to your AffiliateWP wallet.

Generate draft Payments from individual or bulk selected Referrals

Generate draft Payments from individual or bulk selected Affiliates.

Generate draft Payments for all Affiliates (one button to pay all).

Set Affiliate’s payment currency and payment address on their profile (edit affiliate form).

See Affiliate’s payment currency on the Affiliate’s list.

See the transaction status and explorer links on Payouts

Payments and the Payments UI

Real time exchange rates to convert between your AffiliateWP currency and the cryptocurrency, provided by CoinMarketCap.

Make payments using MetaMask (Ethereum only) and other payment adaptors.

Automatic confirmation of transactions (checks minimum confirmations before paid status).

Front-end and AffiliateWP dashboard

Allow Affiliate’s to select their desired payment currency and payment address on the registration form and their dashboard settings tab.

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