Digits: Merge Phone Number

Digits: Merge Phone Number


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Product Version: 1.6.1

Last Updated: 12.07.2020


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INTRODUCE: Merge Phone Number

Digits: Merge Phone Number plugin merge both of these fields for the signup process during checkout. Since digits is fully compatible with WooCommerce, which means we even support their checkout signup functionality and to make it work we have to add a Mobile Number field in checkout and WooCommerce already have its Billing Phone Number field in checkout.

This will only merge the Billing Phone Field and Mobile Phone fields when the checkout is accessed without logged in and signup is processed, it will feed the Mobile Phone data to Billing Phone Field for that particular order. For all subsequent orders your users will see Billing Phone Field on checkout.

Digits: Merge Phone Number

About Digits: Merge Phone Number

The setting for this addon only contains one option to enable or disable it.

When enabled this will reflect changes on WooCommerce checkout page by merging Phone Number field and Account Mobile Number (digits field) when the user is not logged in or in the case of signup process at checkout, in this case billing phone number will be feeded the data from account mobile number (digits field) for that particular order. For all consecutive logged in order user’s will get an option to change their billing phone number.

Key Features

Merge Billing Phone and Account Phone on checkout

User will be able to change billing phone from subsequent orders

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