Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO

Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO


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Product Version: 1.9.10

Last Updated: 11.06.2020


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Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO

Every online store uses various forms of discounts to attract customers and increase sales. This is a smart way of doing business for a long time thanks to the efficiency it brings. We are pleased to introduce a product that helps you work more smoothly with your online store: Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO. This plugin creates Dynamic Pricing and Discounts in your WooCommerce online store easily. Bulk discounts, cart discounts, special offers, user role based discounts and more.

Discount Rules

What you get with Discount Rules PRO

Discount Types

Store-wide global discount

Percentage based

Price based

Fixed cost discount

Bulk purchase discounts

Tiered discounts

Product specific discounts

Category-wide discounts

User role based discounts

Buy One Get One Free offers

Offer free product when order total is above X amount

Conditional discount

Discount for Product Variations

Product Attributes based discount

Purchase history based discount

Cart subtotal based discounts

Delivery address based discount

Next order discount

First order discount

Coupon activated discount

Discount for customers with specific domains

Applying multiple discount rules in a purchase


Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Made Simple

Launching an eCommerce store is quite easy. The hardest part is the scaling of the store. Having an effective discount / pricing strategy can help grow your store.

Discounts based on Product Category

Set the offer valid only for a few selected categories of products in WooCommerce. Here are some examples.

Discounts based on Quantity / Tiered Pricing discounts

Buy 10 or more items, get 10% discount

Buy One Get One Free Offers

BOGO offers are the smartest way of upselling and converting more visitors into customers. Here are a few example discount scenarios you can create with the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin.

Product Specific Discount

You can also set discounts for specific products in the store. The most common use case is setting a most popular product on sale.

Conditional / Dependent Product Discount

The discount applies on a condition of purchasing another product.

User role based discounts

WordPress offers user roles to group your users into different roles/groups. Example: VIP customers, Wholesale customers and more You can offer a user role based discount with the Discount Rules for WooCommerce.

Customer Specific Discounts

Sometimes, you may want to offer customer specific discounts. The discount applies only to a few selected customers.

Discounts based on Cart conditions

Offer discounts based on various parameters in the cart. It could be based on subtotal, line item, categories in cart, user roles and much more. Here are some examples.

Coupon activated discount

There will be times when you wanted to activate the discount rules only when a coupon code is applied. You can do this easily with the discount rules for WooCommerce. All you have to do is create a coupon and associate it with the one or more rules.

Holiday Discount Campaigns

Create attractive store discounts and Coupon deals to boost your online sales during special shopping season like Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Boxing day.

Shipping Address based discount

Create a shipping address discount to offer price and percentage discounts to customers from a particular shipping location.

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