Horizon – Menu Bar Plugin for WordPress

Horizon – Menu Bar Plugin for WordPress


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Product Version: 3.2

Last Updated: 17.04.2020


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Your wordpress-site’s header or footer is so bored and lifeless? Want to make it full of life and energy? You do not need to wait anymore, download Horizon now! Horizon – Menu Bar Plugin for WordPress can be used to highlight certain posts or pages, house your social links, serve as a location to place e-mail and/or phone call buttons to, and so on.

Horizon – Menu Bar Plugin for WordPress

Quick facts about Horizon – Menu Bar Plugin for WordPress

Works everywhere: whether viewed on desktop or mobile, Horizon scales gracefully regardless of screen size.

Customizable: Choose from 900+ icon, change all colors, position at at top or bottom of screen ect. Horizon will blend seamlessly into any theme!

Clean, marked code: If you like to ‘pop the hood’ so to speak, then know that our code is well-marked and easy to navigate.

Great value: With continued updates and features additions, you will reap ever-increase value from your purchase.

Top-tier suport: Should you ever need to get in touch with us, you can depend on our much-praised response times.

Features of Horizon – Menu Bar Plugin for WordPress

Beatifully animated 2-level menubar

Choose from 900+ icons

Add to any theme

Fully responsive all the way down to mobile screens

Make changes using the built-in WordPress customization tools and preview changes in real-time

Position at top or bottom of screen

Fixed or absolute positioning

Optionally show at specified resolutions only

Optionally hide your theme menu by class/ID

Display only icon (label appears on hover) or have both the icon and label be visible at all times

Ability to override the main menu with post- and page-specific menus

Use of icon set means every pixel will look as sharp as it possibly can on retina screens

Translation ready

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