Josh – Laravel Admin Template + Front End + CRUD

Josh – Laravel Admin Template + Front End + CRUD


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Product Version: 7.0.4

Last Updated: 07.06.2020


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Josh Admin Template comes with more than 100 pages. For an instance, if the project requires only few pages to add in the application we came up with a concept called Starter Kit where we include minimum required pages like Login, register, Forgot Password and User Management  etc.., Besides this if the developer requires any additional pages, they can get it from main version of Josh, we are providing detailed documentation of how to include them into starter kit.

Josh is user friendly Laravenl Admin Template with GUI CRUD Builder

The template is built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Laravel version, also it comes with authentication by default. The template has every component required for making backend applications beautiful. It has many laravel examples which are explained below.

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Josh – Laravel Admin Template + Front End + CRUD

GUI CRUD Builder

As a developer, we spend lot of time doing mundane tasks like CRUD operations but with Josh, you can have a woking CRUD module just in 5 minutes. Just select your model name and all the fields you want then it will create model, controller, data-base schema and all other files automatically.

Log Viewer
All the laravel errors raised in the project can be shown in the Log viewer, such that errors can be identified easily. It also shows the Alerts and Critical warning that occurred in the project.

Josh has working blog module where you can create categories and new blog posts which can be viewed by your users on frontend, also they can leave comments on your blog posts.

Dynamic Charts
Charts give the pictorial representation of data that makes data analysis easy with different types of Charts. New dynamic charts are also added by using dynamic charts.

Mini Sidebar
Besides regular left menu, we recently added another sidebar which shows only icons on collapse mode.

Feature Plugins

Josh Admin template is a bootstrap based admin template developer for Laravel
Laravel Features:
Backend & Frontend pages in blade format with master layouts

Authentication and Authorization

Login, Register functionality

Add/edit/delete users from admin panel

Add/edit/delete user groups (roles) from admin panel

Blog module with comments – Backend & Frontend

Ajax DataTables example

HTML Features:

70+ admin pages

More than 200 JQuery components to build your admin panel

20+ front end pages

Multiple color schemes for front end

Blog, news, shoppping cart UI

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