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Product Version: 1.3.11

Last Updated: 07.05.2020


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If you have even wanted to earn more money from ads on your website, Ad-Sense theme is the one you should get. Ad-Sense is the most ad friendly theme in the market and comes with features like better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users. Simply put, this theme helps show ads to users who don’t want to see the ads.

There are more than 700 million ad blocking devices in the world and that includes mobile phones, tablets and computers. That’s as if 10% of the world’s population views your website without ever seeing any ads. That is okay for someone just starting a blog for fun but for people who rely on their advertising revenue for livelihood, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

What do you do in this scenario when so many of your visitors are blocking ads resulting in quite a bit of lost revenue? You do what any logical person would do, you either ask them nicely to stop blocking ads on your website or you don’t let them benefit from your hard work until they stop blocking your ads.

Ad-Sense theme does both these things rather nicely and much more which will help you make money from your blog.

Ad-Sense detects use of ad blocking software on a visitor’s device and that triggers a popup asking them to stop blocking ads. You can even set it up to hide your content until they whitelist your website. This is perfectly logical and will result in increased ad revenue on your website.

Simply turn on ad-detection and let the theme do its thing.

In addition, Ad-Sense has optimized ad locations built-in and many other ad management options so you can really maximize your earnings.

MyThemeShop Ad-Sense WordPress Theme

Ad-Sense General Settings

Upload Logo Image Option

Upload Your Own Favicon Option

Set Icons for Apple Devices Easily

Upload Icon for Metro

Field For Twitter

FeedBurner Integration

Tracking Codes Section Included

Built In Section for Search Engine Verifications

Multiple Pagination Options

Built in AJAX Search Option

Enable/Disable Responsiveness

Easily Set Product Count on Homepage

Performance Options

Enable/Disable Prefetching

Enable Lazy Loading for Images

Async JavaScript for Improved Page Speed

Remove ver Parameters for Better Browser Cache

Optimize WooCommerce Scripts

Styling Options

Choose Primary Color Scheme

Choose Secondary Color Scheme

Change Layout Style

Change Background Color Easily

Option to Change Site Background Image

Parallax Effect Included

60+ Background Patterns Included

Section for Custom CSS

Lightbox Option for Images

Header Options

Select Header Background Color

Parallax Effect on Header

Disable Logo in Header

Enable Social Icons in Header

Hide Menu Option

Floating Navigation Menu Option

Show Social Icons in Header

Show Search in Header

Primary Navigation Background Option

Call-to-Action Section

Call to Action Section Background

Call to Action Heading

Call to Action Heading Color

Call to Action Button

Call to Action Button Background

Call to Action Button Link

Footer Options

Show Logo in Footer

Choose Footer Logo Image

Enable Footer Social Icons

Choose Footer Social Icons

Select Footer Logo Section Background

Enable Parallax on Footer Logo Section Background

Custom Footer background Image Option

Copyright Section Built-in

Change Footer Text Color and Font

Homepage Options

Choose Between 5 Layouts for Homepage

Show Post Format Icons

Enable Hover Effect

Select Featured Categories on Homepage

Choose Post Meta Info for Homepage

Post Comment Number Selection

Single Post Settings

Post Meta Info. Enable/Disable Options

Show Category on Single Page

Choose Meta Info to Show

Breadcrumbs Built in

Highlight Author Comments

Show Date in Comments

Ad Management Options

Detect Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker Notice Type

Ad Blocker Title

Ad Blocker Description

Make Site Background Clickable

Enable Header Ad

Enable/Disable Navigation Ad

Enter Custom Navigation Ad Code

Choose Navigation Ad Size

Select Navigation Ad Background

Show Ad Below Post Title

Show Ad Below Post Content


Included Social Buttons

Supports Unlimited Sidebars

Over 630 Advanced Typography Options

Import / Export Theme Settings

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