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Soccer Engine


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Product Version: 1.15

Last Updated: 04.04.2020


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INTRODUCE: Soccer Engine

Are you a soccer fan? Want to build a website about your favorite field? Do not want to miss any events or data about this sport in the world? This is exactly what you need: Soccer Engine – an amazing plugin for every soccer’s fans. With the 40 menus, 143 configuration options, and 33 Gutenberg blocks, you will be able to manage every aspect of your favorite sport.

Soccer Engine

Soccer Engine Features

Manage soccer data

Manage a great amount of soccer data with the 40 back-end menu. The information is stored in 35 custom datebase tables created by the plugin. Register players, staff member, referees, teams, formations, matches, competions, transfer maket data, and more.

Display soccer data

Use the 33 included Gutenberg blocks to generate tables with stored data and calculated statistics, standings tables, match timelines, match commentaries, line charts, area charts, visual representations of the formations, and more.

Custom queries

Use the settings section of the blocks to create custom queries and display relevant information. If you want, for example, to list only the English strikers with less than 21 years or the matches played by Liverpool in a specific period you have a great embedded solution for this.

Create charts

Soccer Engine uses the Chart.js JavaScript library to generate charts based on the stored and calculated data. There are two charts avaiable, a line chart used to represent the markert value transitions of the players and a line chart use to represent the ranking transitions of the team.

Match events

Register every single event of the match and let Soccer Engine generate statistics from it, visually represent it with specific icons, make event tooltips, calculate performance indicators, create match timelines, match commentaries, visual lineups, and more.

Events wizard

Generate multiple events in a single operation with the Events wizard. With this feature, you can easily assign results to multiple matches or entire rounds of competion in a few minutes.

Match timeline

Display the single events of a match with the match timeline layout. For each event will be displayed the time witha high-resolution SVG clock, an image of the player or staff member involved in the event, the team logo, and additional textual information.

Match commentary

Create a match commentary to update your users with all the details about each single event of the match. This layout is perfect if you want to provide to the visitors extended explainations of the events of the match.

Visual lineup

This feature allows you to display the players of a team over a high resolution and customizable SVG field. The positions of the players are based on the formation associated with the team, and the events of each players are displayed as icons with active tooltips.

Customize everything

Use the included 143 options to customize the color of each element displayed in the font-end, change the typographic style, set the responsive behavior, customize the line and area charts, change monetary values, set capabilities to control the access of the users to the menu, ect.

Import and export

The import and export feature available in Soccer Engine allows you to archive your data as XML files, so you can backup your data, move your data between different websites, move the data to other applications, and more.

Gutenberg ready

WordPress has changed, and the TinyMCE editor has been replaced with the new Gutenberg editor. This plugin comes with 33 dynamics Gutenberg blocks, and the behavior of each block can be customized with the options available in the Settings SideBar.

Multisite ready

Feel free to install this plugin in a single WordPress installation or in a WordPress multisite environment. Single activations, network activations, or activations on single sub-sites of the network are supported.

Rest API

With the rest API you can optionally manage the Soccer Engine data with external applications, create new additional plugin features, automatically create match events, and more. A total number of 36 API endpoints are available.

Pure JavaScript

The script loaded in the front-end are written in pure JavaScript, and no additional libraries are required. So you can install this plugin in a demanding production environment without affecting the performance of your website.

Multilanguage ready

Soccer Engine comes by default in English and Italian. If you want to translate the plugin in another languages simple create a translation file or manually translate it with a multilanguage plugin.

High quality support

Support for this plugin is provied in English and Italian directly via email by the plugin developers. If you experience any problems or if you need detailed technical info about specific plugin parts, we guarantee an answer in 24 hours.

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