StudioPress Outfitter Pro Genesis WordPress Theme

StudioPress Outfitter Pro Genesis WordPress Theme


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Product Version: 1.0.2

Last Updated: 19.04.2018


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INTRODUCE: Outfitter Pro

Introduced on 8/31/17, Outfitter Pro is a 2 column theme with 3 layout options. Three of the 6 standard Genesis layout options have been removed to simplify content creation. The theme includes 2 page templates: landing and pricing. Beyond the WordPress standards of custom menus and threaded comments, the Outfitter Pro theme also supports custom headers, a custom background, and a mobile specific menu.

Outfitter Pro also supports Google web fonts (specifically Prompt and Noto Sans).

The home page is divided into 4 widgetized stripes (Front Page 1 – 3 and Footer). The widgetized stripes support flexible layout configurations where the layout of the widget area is based on the number of widgets used in that area. For example, a single widget is full width while 4 widgets are divided into 2 unequal stripes. The screenshot below illustrates how flexible widgets are distributed across different widget areas. Note that every row doesn’t contain the same number of widgets, even though the overall width of each row is the same.

The Front Page 2 widget area has a unique characteristic. If the widget area is empty and WooCommerce is activated and there are published products, up to 9 of the most recent products will be shown without using any widget. In essence, the front page layout automatically makes use of the WooCommerce recent_products shortcode if the widget area is empty and products exist. Alternately, you can populate the widget area with widgets of your choosing.

Outfitter Pro also includes both an Off-screen menu and an Off-Screen Content widget area. When used, the menu appears before any widgets. Off-screen content displays in the center of the screen and is dismissable by clicking an “x” in the upper right corner.

For WooCommerce, Outfitter Pro adds a off-screen shopping cart display, a script to switch between the featured and secondary product image on hover, and a script to display products in a Masonry-style grid on the front page.

The theme uses 2 custom image sizes:
featured-image = 1280 x 800 px
featured-image-widget = 530 x 330 px

StudioPress Outfitter Pro Genesis WordPress Theme

Outfitter Pro also includes code and scripts that change the layout or add features, including:

the secondary navigation to a single level

moving the secondary navigation to the footer and renaming it

creating a 3rd menu named Off-screen and outputting it at the end of the primary navigation

adding a script to match the height of selected entries

adding a script to calculate a complementary hover tint from the user-chosen color

moving the post info above the post title

moving the author box

moving featured images above the post title

changing the default “read more” text to “Continue Reading”

adding support for ionicons

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