Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce

Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce


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Product Version: 1.2.1

Last Updated: 26.03.2020


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INTRODUCE: Table Rate Shipping

Every online store has to calculate shipping costs, right? And this calculation is not easy. It’s time to let this WooCommerce plugin help you do that hard work! It is used to setup shipping charges based on shipping class, total weight, total price, total quantity and total volume of products in cart easily.

Table Rate Shipping


Shipping by class, weight, price, quantity & volume

When plugin checks for a rule all the 5 limits class, weight, price, quantity & volume should match for cost in that rule to be used as shipping cost.

Cost formula

In formula you can use below operators, variables and functions. E.g. 2*ceil(twi)+2.5. Using formulas you can implement complex shipping requirements.

Rule priority

Rules are checked from first to last to check for limits and if package details are in rule limits, cost in that rule is used as shipping cost and it will stop looking further. You can just drag drop rule to arrange it based on priority.

CSV import/export

There two places from where you can import/export CSV, below zones list and above table rates table.

Frontend checkout process

Checkout process remains the same, it will show all the table rate shipping methods for which matching rule is found and if for any method matching rule is not found that method will not be shown.

Unit tested robust code

Complete plugin is developed with unit tested robust code with decent code coverage using best software development standards and WordPress best practices.


How to use Table Rate Shipping?

Step 1: Upload plugin

Upload the module zip downloaded from store.

Step 2: Activate plugin

Activate installed module.

Step 3: Add table rate shipping method to zone

Add shipping method to zone.

Step 4: Confirm shipping cost at checkout

In cart page you will be able to see shipping cost.

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