The Events Calendar Virtual Events

The Events Calendar Virtual Events


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Product Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 15.07.2020


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INTRODUCE: Virtual Events

Want to optimize your calendar for virtual events? This plugin can help: highlight events on your calendar and integrate with your favorite online meeting tools.

The Events Calendar Virtual Events

Get to know The Events Calendar Virtual Events

Highlight virtual events on your calendar.
Highlight virtual events right in your main calendar of events, and make them discoverable by Google with built-in schema optimization.

Powerful Zoom integration.
Save time by connecting your Zoom account. Automatically generate and display Zoom links for your events from your WordPress dashboard.

Only show livestream links to attendees.
With Event Tickets or Event Tickets Plus running alongside Virtual Events, you can protect livestream links (Zoom, webinar, etc.) until attendees RSVP or purchase a ticket. You also have the option to automatically email them the link.


Create Zoom meetings from WordPress
Connect your account to automatically generate and display Zoom links on your events.

Indicate events as virtual
Virtual events don’t require a location (though you can add one if it’s hybrid) and are SEO-friendly.

Require tickets or RSVP
When you’re running Event Tickets (or Plus), you can protect your livestream link until an attendee submits an RSVP or purchases a ticket.

Highlight virtual events on your calendar
Use the virtual event indicator so visitors can quickly scan the calendar to find online events.

“Display link” button
Use a linked button to direct users to your virtual event or livestream location.

Manage events from WordPress
Connect Zoom, label events as virtual, manage attendees, and control content all from your admin dashboard.

Enhanced Google SEO
Structured data and virtual event schema markup support means your events display properly in Google search results.

Schedule video links and livestreams
Hide your video links, livestream embeds, and other embedded content until just before your event starts.

Livestream embed
Keep traffic right on your site by embedding your livestream (or pre-recorded video) link from YouTube, Facebook, and more.

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