WooCommerce Name Your Price (Product Open Pricing)

WooCommerce Name Your Price (Product Open Pricing)


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Product Version: 1.0.9

Last Updated: 14.07.2020


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INTRODUCE: WooCommerce Name Your Price

With WooCommerce Name Your Price (Product Open Pricing), you can suggest or recommend a price to your customers and optionally enforce a minimum acceptable price, or leave it entirely in the hands of the customer. The plugin also lets you be flexible in what price you are willing to accept for selected products.

WooCommerce Name Your Price (Product Open Pricing)

About Product Open Pricing

You will offer your a full freedom to set their price or pick a price as per their choice, in order to understand the true market price, or simply having a different approach to sales WooCommerce Products.

The plugin offers you also to suggest or recommend an ideal price to users/customers.

It also allows to set a minimum and maximum price range for your WooCommerce products.

You can use this plugin to accept donations or to take a new approach to selling products.

WooCommerce Name Your Price


Collect donations for products or in simple.

Alternative selling strategy to sell products.

Make a profit on products you’d otherwise give away.

Customers to Offer a Custom Price.

Enable Pay Your Price Feature for Any Product.

Enter Minimum & Maximum Price for Each Product.

Collect data on what price customers are willing to pay.

Customize Error Messages labels & Add to Cart Button text (Optional).

Set an open price for simple, variable, and grouped products.

Show a suggested price in the product page for single product and shop.

Set a minimum/maximum price for a product.

Customize all labels of the plugin.

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