WooCommerce Product Builder – Custom PC Builder

WooCommerce Product Builder – Custom PC Builder


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Last Updated: 14.07.2020


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INTRODUCE: WooCommerce Product Builder

Woocommerce Product Builder is an essential plugin which helps build a full product set from small components as you want. Therefore, the powerful plugin will certainly bring your website a huge profit.

WooCommerce Product Builder – Custom PC Builder

Custom PC Builder allows

Select product part step by step: allow customers to select product part step by step. You can set which product/categories will be displayed in each step.

Compatible: Make sure products in others steps are compatible by using product attributes.

Filter products by attributes: WooCommerce product builder allows filtering products by attributes.

Sort products: WooCommerce Product Builder allows customers to sort product by name (A-Z), price and New-Old

Send completed products to email: After building a favorite set of products, you can share it with anyone by sending an email.

WooCommerce Product Builder Features

Product builder: build a complete product by picking parts step-by-step. You can select which products and categories appear in each step, then customers can pick among that products/categories.

Unlimited steps quantity: You can add as many steps as you want.

Step names: Set up step names to inform which product part they are selecting. Example: STEP 1 – CPU, STEP 2 – Main, STEP 3 – RAM…

Searching: Quickly find categories and products to put in steps.

Add many products in one step: Select to allow customers add only one or many products in each step.

Select quantity: Customers are allowed to select the quantity of a product in each step.

Preview: After finish the last step, all product part will be listed on a preview page with a total price.

Product per page: In steps with many products, you can select to display on many pages, and select how many products will be displayed on each page.

Compatible: Using attributes to decide which products will work together.

Email complete product: customers can send the completed product to anyone by using the send mail button on the preview page.

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