WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card


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Product Version: 2.7.4

Last Updated: 24.07.2020


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WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card

Want a plugin which can help merchant create many gift card according to fest and occasion? Or a plugin can provide a perfect flexibility for gift card price selection? WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card allows a merchant to sell WooCommerce gift certificates on their store and manage everything from selling of gift card to its use.

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card

Why Ultimate Gift Card?

Increase your Brand Awareness as a Merchant with WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card Plugin

1. Reduce manual efforts with WooCommerce Gift Vouchers for the basic events related to templates like “Birthday”, “New Year”,”Valentine’s day”, “Independence day” etc.

2. Create your own templates, set your own logo, any event image etc. Modify each template whether they are created by plugin or made by yourself.

3. You can also send a gift card on the basis of any customer’s request, we called this feature as “Offline Gift card”.

4. Set discount for all WooCommerce Gift Card Products.

5. What about your regular customers? Send Thank You order coupon to retain your customers for future purchase too.

6. You can display their Gift Coupon code in QR code or in Barcode Format for security reason.

7. Using WooCommerce Gift Card by your customer in turn can increase customer count.

Give your customers Gift of Convenience with WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card Plugin

1. No need to get confuse more about what should you give to your friend or relative? Using this extension, customers can send a gift card (or you can say a Gift) to their loved ones.

2. Customers will get Gift Vouchers directly through an email or buyer can also wrap it by themselves and can send them.

3. Do Your Customers want to ship their Gift card? Do not worry about that. It is also possible, from this extension customer can ship their gift cards to their friends.

4. Whatever events are running, buyer can choose the template according to their event and send that gift card to their relatives or anyone.

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card Features

Price Type

Fixed Price

Selected Price

Range Price

User Price

Variation Price

Email Template

Exclude Categories

The merchant can exclude categories to which he doesn’t want gift card discount. When any excluded category product is available on cart then gift card discount is not applied.

Exclude Product

The merchant can also exclude selected product from WooCommerce Gift Card discount. When any excluded product is available on cart then gift card discount is not applied.

Front End Date Formatting

Merchant can set the date format they want to display in the frontend. The expiry date in the WooCommerce Gift Card Template will be in this date format if this setting is enabled from the backend.

Tax Handling

Merchant can enable/disable tax for WooCommerce Gift Card product by default no tax is applied to gift card product.

Gift Card Coupon Generation

Gift Card Coupon Filter

From now on Gift Cards can be easily filtered by the provided setting, You may easily filter-out the Online/Offline/Imported Gift Cards among all of them.

The number of E-Gift Cards

From now onwards, E-Gift Cards will totally depend on how much quantity you had purchased, In short, the number of Gift Cards is depended upon the number of quantity has been added.

Import Gift Card Products

From now onwards Merchant would be able to import all products in bulk, this will help them to import their products along with their own custom code which they have to provide in custom CSV format.

Import Gift Coupons

In this feature merchant would be able to import gift coupons in bulk, and then when any product will get purchased the imported coupon will get assigned as a Gift Card along with the purchased amount.

Manual custom code in offline Gift Card

Now Merchant can also insert their own custom coupon code which will get generated on purchasing of offline Gift Card. They may leave blank if they want to use system generated one.

Export Coupon Details

The WooCommerce Gift Card Coupon Code Details which are generated from the orders can be exported in the csv format. Coupon details will contains the sender email id, receiver email id, gift card message, coupon usage count and coupon amount left.

Multiple Usability

The user can spend whole Gift card amount in multiple times.

Individual Use

Merchant can set whether gift card coupon is used by a single user or multiple users.

Expiry Date

Merchant can set after how many days when gift card product is purchased and order completed then that gift card coupon is expired.

Allow Sale Items

Merchant can allow/disallow sales item from applying gift card discount amount.

Dynamic Coupon Length

Merchant can set the WooCommerce Gift card coupon length from setting. The default length of Gift card coupon is 5.

Import/Export Offline Gift Card Coupon Details

Admin can export the offline gift card coupons details from Export Coupon Tab section. You can also import the Gift Card coupon details into the offline gift card table.

QRCode/BARCode Feature

This feature to use over here for providing the security.

The ECC level is use for dirt, damage or fuzziness of the barcode. Valid values are “L” (low ECC), “M”, “Q”, “H” (highest ECC). A high ECC level adds more redundancy at the cost of using more space.

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