WordPress Support All-In-One

WordPress Support All-In-One


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Product Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 31.03.2020


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Connecting with visitors is always a priority for wordpress websites. Their owners always want to make it easy for people to interact with theme. And one of the most applicable ways is to always show a contact button on the screen. That’s why All-In-One was born!


About All-In-One

At the bottom right corner of your page, All-in-One Messaging Button will be displayed neatly.

7 IM app buttons will be shown when clicked or tapped.

Make your visitors get in touch with you quickly and conveniently.

You get their contacts in your database for later promotion campaigns.

Features of All-In-One

Advanced mobile marketing

The number of mobile phone users is on the rise. So, the winner in this race would be the one who starts collecting mobile user contacts first!

Profound insight of customer’ habits

An interesting but scientific research that we learn is the user’s habit when using electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers. And this plugin is developed based on those habits to optimize the interaction between users and your site.

Clear digital marketing plan

Your audience contacts, behaviors and interests are now in your hand. The ideas of retargeting campaigns and expanding your customer base now become clear in your mind.

Modern touch-friendly UI/UX

No more selecting, copying & pasting. We design the tappable instant messaging icons with the smoothest effects.Your visitors are gonna enjoy it!

Optimized online community

Interacting and networking with your audience, clients, contributors, etc. now become quick, easy and more effective than ever.

Guide to the setup of All-In-One

Enable the plugin

Go to Support All In One > Settings to enable to the plugin.

Configure the plugin

Click on the icon to add an app.

Add contact details.

Drag and drop the arrow cross symbol to rearrange the order. Click on the cross symbol to remove an app.

Click Save Changes when you’re done.

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