WP Full Stripe – Subscription and payment plugin for WordPress

WP Full Stripe – Subscription and payment plugin for WordPress


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Product Version: 5.0.3

Last Updated: 30.10.2019


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Introduce: WP Full Stripe

WP Full Stripe is a premium payment gateway WordPress plugin that lets you accept credit card payments & subscriptions directly on your website. This payment gateway will be available in 25+ countries & 100 currencies.

With this Stripe payment gateway, you can upload payment forms into anywhere in your WordPress website & take payment directly via simple, fast & secure Stripe payment gateway & redirect to a thank you page after every successful payment.

Additionally, WP Full Stripe is the best solution for accepting payments from donations, subscriptions, membership, & eCommerce related websites. As a result, it is good experience for your users as they never have to leave your site for making payments.

WP Full Stripe – Subscription and payment plugin for WordPress

Feature Plugins

Fully Customize

With this payment WordPress plugin, you can easily customize each user-facing elements by various settings options.

-Add custom fields to payment & subscription forms.

-Personalize subscription forms to drop on any page or post.

-Create various versions of payment forms to suit your needs.

-Add Bitcoin and Alipay payment options to Stripe checkout forms & accept payment.

-Easily add custom CSS for styling on your checkout & subscription form & make responsive forms.

Google reCaptcha

WP Full Stripe supports Google reCaptcha which assures security of payments and details by verifying if the user is an actual human rather than bot. This is done by making the user perform an action like typing the letters given in the box.

Multiple Payment Types

With this payment WordPress plugin, you get various payment form types for receiving payment. Here are the following types-

-Set Amount

This is the most widely used payment option, you can set amount on the button. It is the fastest way to pay. Your customers only fill credit card details like card number, holder name, expiry date, & CVV.

-Pick Amount From List

In this, the customer can select the product or package from the list to pay.

-Custom Amount

The payment amount can be entered manually. This type of payment form used for mostly donation or money request payments.

-Both Manual & Custom Amount

With this payment form, you will display payment list along with the option of manual amount entry. It is used for mostly donation forms either donor can select from the list or enter amount manually.

Recurring Payment

You can provide the recurring payment option that allow your users to subscribe or signup to the recurring subscriptions or payments like installment & running payments.

Remember Card

This WordPress plugin has a “Save” option that remembers customer credit card data for faster payment in the future time.

Support VAT

The inline subscription form can add VAT (value added tax) to the subscription & both the recurring fee and the setup fee. Also, it is a goods & services tax that is added to each transaction.

Easy Management

WP Full Stripe can simply view & organize details of received payments, subscribers, subscription plans, one-time payments and more within WordPress.

Shortcode Generator

WP Full Stripe comes with shortcode generator that lets you creates shortcodes for elements that require lots of coding with very little efforts.

Some Other Attributes Of Payment WordPress Plugin-
-Regular Updates

-Well Documented

-Cross-Browser Compatible

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