WPMU DEV – Branda – Ultimate Branding

WPMU DEV – Branda – Ultimate Branding


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Product Version: 3.3.2

Last Updated: 15.08.20


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WPMU DEV - Branda - Ultimate Branding

WordPress white label branding, maintenance mode and coming soon landing pages, and all the rebranding WordPress can handle.

WordPress branding is all over your login page, dashboard, system emails, footers, menus and code. Branda Pro is the smoothest WordPress branding plugin for white labeling your CMS.

Branda Pro includes +30 modules for fully rebranding WordPress. Improve the admin area, upgrade and style system emails, add custom dashboard widgets, and activate new utilities.

Branda includes templates for quickly customizing the WordPress login page.


Branda Pro includes a bunch of slick login screen templates for quickly jazzing up your site. If your clients or users are logging into your site, add your own logo, insert a custom background image, style the input fields, adjust opacity, and configure drop shadows, colors and default settings.

Wrap WordPress With Your Branding

From the iconic WordPress favicon to the classic ‘Proudly powered by WordPress’ footer, visitors are sent mixed messaging before your site even loads. Give your dashboard a brand-matched color palette and replace the WordPress name and logos with your own.

Branda Pro is fast and flexible. Use one plugin for every customization. Eliminate compatibility issues and increase security by removing multiple unsupported plugins and hack modifications.


  • Remove WordPress branding
  • Highlight your design
  • Add custom logo to the Admin Bar
  • Simple WordPress logo replacement
  • Create custom login screen
  • Replace the word “WordPress”
  • Simple brand matching
  • Import/Export setting
  • Reorganize Admin Bar menus
  • Set custom Admin Bar menus
  • Add a direct link to support
  • Add help buttons
  • Send system emails using SMTP
  • Remove core Dashboard widgets
  • Hide 3rd-party dashboard widgets
  • Replace the WordPress ‘Howdy’
  • Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode
  • Customize ‘Admin Help Content’
  • Increase site security and speed
  • One plugin for all settings
  • Create a custom admin bar
  • Set “From” Email address
  • Multisite ready
  • Customize/add help content
  • Custom global footer
  • Custom global header
  • Custom dashboard footer
  • Rebrand the meta widget
  • Protect site structure
  • Custom DB error landing page
  • Hide ‘Permalinks’ menu item
  • Replace WordPress in HTML
  • Replace any word or phrase
  • Set a custom Favicon
  • Easily insert tracking codes
  • Custom Multisite Favicons
  • Customize admin CSS
  • Uses CSS child fields
  • Hide WordPress welcome
  • Add custom dashboard color schemes
  • Display custom admin messages
  • Add Author Boxes to your posts

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